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With the development of the GAD software (Document Management and Archiving, in Italian "Gestione ed Archiviazione Documentale"), another important piece was added to the Progetto Data evolution.

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By now, this path has exceeded four years. In fact, it was in 2006 when Virtual Coop began to take shape. There was the need to carry out an in depth examination on the meaning, the procedures and implementation of data entry. Thus, the birth of Progetto Data, which during the following years gave life to the development of various applications.

This project started from the need to increase the value of scanning and data processing jobs as a working activity with equal dignity as any other job. This involves seeking all the ways and means that ease and lighten both the attention necessary and repetitiveness. Hence the idea to link the scanned paper document with the text record to be inserted, even in production phase, apart from eventually the moment to deliver the job. Anything to ease checking, avoid paperwork confusion and allowing short breaks without loosing the thread of work.

Another necessity that Progetto Data needed to address was the encouragement of telecommuting as much as possible, using tools that are easy to use and which do not involve buying expensive software suites.

It was therefore necessary to create a WEB environment tool to create data entry masks and the databases needed to accommodate the data entered. Thus the creation of the online software DED (Data Entry Designer) with which one can create a data entry environment without programmer intervention. Such a product was then completed with the introduction of administrative tools, improved user management and visualization of statistics.

The data produced could be exported and transferred to other applications for their use in production, administration or in any other environment.

At this point it became essential to create a tool to archive the produced data, thus GAD ("Gestione ed Archiviazione Documentale"). This allows one to select and archive the data produced with DED, thanks to a simple interface. Obviously, this application for archiving documents permits to save and order any digital document. Everything in the Web environment.

The flexibility and ease of use of this tool greatly expands its utilization horizons and makes it a conveniently appropriate application allows vast application.

GAD still requires many improvements. We hope to make them as soon as possible, with the help of our financing bodies.


We thank the funding agencies

Fondazione cassa di risparmio in Bologna

Fondazione del Monte


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