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Although technology tends to reduce the use of paper as far as possible, especially when inputting data, we are far from achieving this objective, which however does not seem within reach in the long run. Moreover it is not necessary  that data entry has to start from paper, it can be configured to input data electronically, not automatically, but in a  manual and repetitive way, for example the filling of modular electronic forms to forward requests to public administration, the compilation of insurance refunds, payment requests etc.. Therefore, applications, which permit to carry out similar activities in a simple, managed and efficient low cost way, will be necessary in the future.

However, the digitalisation of documents and data entry will remain fundamental to fuel the most advanced informative systems. These types of activities can only be partially automatic, the presence of competent operators remains fundamental to obtain good results.

Once collected, the data has to be extracted from its environment, checked and then inserted in the database with management procedures; the project predicts the use of an application integrated with the software. It permits a society to carry out similar activities at the lowest amounts time and cost.

If data entry supports advanced technologies, disabled workers or workers with limited computer knowledge, but with dedication and attention can carry out the work. On the other hand, language barriers limit the possibility to carry out these works in countries where labour costs less, allowing us to carry out the work in Italy.

However, if there is a genuine interest to promote work for the disabled it is required to further, simplify, and render accessible our technologies. In the past years, we frequently discussed the use of teleworking, although it does not seem that it took off in a good manner.

Virtual coop tried to use teleworking but the results were not always as good as expected. A good range of computer knowledge and competence is needed along with tools that nowadays are available to work with. In particular it is needed that the operator has the ability to adapt himself to changes of different places of work that are set before him, understanding the assignments and translating them to a practical system.

The project, which we are presenting, intends to give an answer to some of these difficulties, targeting in particular data entry in teleworking.

This involves creating an online database, completely open source and easily changed modulated depending on the type data entry, which is needed to be done.

The new project allows the creation of an integrated data entry system, completely generalised and adaptable to every need by changing parameters and simple installations

We will give particular importance to accessibility, which is not given enough importance. Frequently commercial products do not respond to the needs of workers with difficulty but abide by the normal rules. Virtual Coop has a direct report from workers with special needs, which goes far beyond solidarity and common sense. The primary aim of the company is that to integrate people with special needs in the world of work. This project will be a tool such that it can allow us to reach this aim.