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Functional Specifications


From the functional point of view, the software will provide for the following possibilities:

  • Designing the database, in a simple and guided way, which will be later loaded with expected data, such activity will be carried out by a database specialist through the online support of the data management system.


  • Automatically creating the interface's masks and forms with the operator and  adjusted to the user's data entry requirements, such an activity will be carried out by a specialised  person, chosen ad hoc by Virtual Coop


  • Allow to resume data inputted for checking and/or  modification ( in case of errors or omission), such activity will be available in two ways:

-Recalling the last screen loaded on viewing mode (depending on the operator's level of authorisation)

-List of the data entered, which can be selected to view and/or modify. Such a list will have two levels: one for the operator, who can view and/or modify the data he entered (with various searching parameters, the insertion code etc.., which will be further developed during the analysis) and one for the supervisor, who can view all the entries entered by the operators who fall under his supervision. Various levels of supervision can be available.


  • Render available control views showing the number of  entries for every operator etc..


  • Provide a general data extractor such that it can read the base data and extract it in CSW format

The principal objective of the project is to create a software which is combined with the functions mentioned above, based on an OPEN SOURCE infrastructure. In addition, it is predicted to be available on the WEB in FREE MODE, in a way that it can be downloaded and used directly, without any difficulty, by anyone.

Dal punto di vista operativo l'utente avrà la possibilità di scaricare l'applicativo ed installarlo sul suo server web, oppure di eseguirlo direttamente dal server web che lo ospita, e attraverso una serie di interfacce e di passaggi potrà definire i riferimenti al suo database in modo da impostare l'elaborazione di data entry direttamente sul suo server.