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Functional Specifications

Functional Specifications


The macro functionalities predicted for Phase 2 are the following:


1.                 User profiles (access controls, application management, authorisation levels, and user’s authorisation level management).

2.                 The option of dynamic layout personalisation ( information management)

3.                 Control management of data validation, verification and validation of the inserted data.

4.                 Work Monitoring of every user


User Profiles

This regards the option to assign, any number of users who enter data on the predefined ad hoc views, by the firm’s data entry administrator. Every user must be monitored concerning:


  • The access control, allowed or denied depending on the user profile or the user’s group authorisation


  • The option to manage all, or part of, the data to be entered, it must be possible to introduce a view where user 1 inputs a part of the data and user 2 another part,


  • The authorisation level, which is the option to input and consecutively view only one’s own inputted data, or to have an access level of type “supervisor” to manage the data related to user groups.


  • The level of competence, i.e. the individual ability of inputting data, this involves giving the administrator the information regarding the speed level and ability of entering data for every user (1=able and expert user, 2=able but not expert, etc...), such that the quantity of work is prepared based on the disposable amount of time for every user.



The option of dynamic layout personalisation

This involves inserting functions that permit the administrator to define a series of functions to personalise the data entry view depending on specific needs: insertion of a firm’s logo, changing the appearance of a field, changing colours to highlight parts of the screen etc... Everything that extends the software’s capability of the presently functioning automatic view creation, through added functions.


Control management

The Controls regard the validity of data, checking the inserted data and the validation of its contents. It consists of inserting a series of functions, which are not present in the current system such as: if an inserted value is a digit or not, the length of the input fields, the necessity of a field etc… Validity checks of the field’s contents will be inserted from the first use of the product by performing a guided analysis, giving the system the possibility to validate a given function’s presence, and/or the value of another given field’s content.



Work Monitoring

User monitoring functions will be inserted as to manage the user’s capability (thus gradually updating their profile), the working skill and quality of the obtained result, in a way as to give the administrator the necessary information to proportionate better the working group and assign work in a more productive and specific way.


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