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  • okAnalysis of the tools to be used: Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database, PHP language and the corresponding editors.


  • okSetting up automatic procedures for the creation of tables: Connection, Structure support tables, tables for the data.


  • okAnalysis of the tools to be used to set the SW automatic creation of masks and forms: Ad Hoc modules.


  • okSetting up the database, and test to verify the functionality of the SW to be created: Virtual Coop's processing data entry database.


  • okAnalysis and application of the project.


  • okDevelopment and prototype tests using the analysed Data Entry database.


  • okChecking and verifying uploaded data.


  • okWriting the Documentation.


  • okTesting and development of the application.


  • okIntegration, completion of the authorisation table and efficiency checks.


  • okProject management  and management of interrelated activities


  • okTechnical Activities related to the project: installations, tests, basic SW tests etc...



Operation Completed

In corso di Svolgimento

Work in progress