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Technical Specifications


The software will be built entirely for the INTERNET using PHP, such that the data entry jobs already mentioned can be made available to external users from the company. For example,

Instead of using papers, which have to be uploaded by the company, data can be remotely uploaded by the end user, and then given to the company to be used in an electronic form. Both methods can be used at the same time or in a mixed way.

The expected technical components for the production and efficiency of the project are the following.

  • Database environment: the function PHP MyAdmin of the database management system MySQL (completely OPEN SOURCE) will be used to automatically define the creation of tables (which can be also defined using the specific online function provided by the product). The use of the SW data management of ORACLE (not open source but widely spread in the database market): in this a case, only the database table manager might be used.


  • Creation of masks and forms environment: a FORM GENERATOR will be used, prearranged ad hoc using Open Source technology. Virtual Coop will make use of SW's technological support, to implement SW for the automatic generation of masks and forms of data entry.
  • SW will permit the user to design the user interface in a guided and automatic way, starting from the user's specific requirements.


  • Extraction and Data Entry programs (online and/or batch): The PHP technology over the INTERNET (completely Open Source) environment will be used.